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New Screen Recording and Mouse Capture Software for creating Adobe Flash demos and tutorials


14th February 2012

Instant Demo V8.5 Introduces New Productivity Enhancements for Creating Windows Screencasts

Instant Demo is a Windows screen recording tool that was first released in 2003, and is now used by content providers across all industries for their E-Learning and presentation needs. Each year NetPlay Software has released a new update of Instant Demo, offering the latest technology in screencast content creation. This year is no exception, with the newest version offering a suite of enhancements for improved productivity and to take advantage of today’s modern PC architecture.

A major enhancement in v8.5 is support for multi-core processors. Screen capture, editing, and encoding now all utilize the power of multiple CPU hardware. This provides higher screen capture frame rates, smoother and faster editing, and best of all, fast export to industry standard video formats. All of which create productivity gains for the author.

Instant Demo v8.5 uses new sophisticated video compression techniques, resulting in a smaller raw capture file size. This allows for longer high definition screen recording sessions. Instant Demo can support full high definition screencasts of several hours in length.

Other enhancements include new animation effects for annotated text, support for transparent images with drop shadows, and the ability to easily publish to more than one website.

Instant Demo provides an easy-to-use professional solution for recording PC Windows desktop activity in real time. It is ideal for creating web based product demonstrations or for enhancing on-line help documentation. Instant Demo creates effective training material in minutes and adds a professional edge to customer support.

A full list of new features can be found at

Instant Demo v8.5 is available as a free upgrade to v8.x customers.

Instant Demo Studio v8.5 runs under Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Instant Demo may be purchased securely on-line at Multi-user licenses are available. A free trial version can be downloaded from the same web address.

9th January 2011

NetPlay Software Introduces Screencast EventLine Editing with Instant Demo Studio v8.0

NetPlay Software releases Instant Demo Studio v8.0, a Windows screen recorder that creates interactive movies for presentations, demonstrations and training. Version 8.0 introduces a new EventLine Studio Editor that enhances productivity and allows easy maintenance of multiple presentations.

Instant Demo Studio is a screen recorder application that creates interactive screencasts in the popular Adobe Flash format and supports callout text, hotspots, voice narration and background sound. Interactive hotspots give the viewer complete control over the pace of the presentation.

Instant Demo Studio v8.0 introduces multiple EventLine editing. EventLine editing represents each frame not as a discrete fixed unit of time, but as a unique visual event in the video. This approach is ideally suited to screencast editing. Screencasts typically contain periods of little or no screen activity, particularly when something is explained via narration or callout text. The practical upshot is that far fewer frames are required to represent the video on the eventline, making it easier to navigate to the important parts of the presentation whilst editing.

Multiple EventLine editing allows the management of several presentations within a single workspace. This allows for convenient cutting, copying and pasting between projects. Exporting to Flash or AVI can be done from any eventline. The editor can also be customized for both clip size and color, providing a work environment to suit the needs of the author.

9th July 2009

Instant Demo Screen Recorder Now with TrakMouse(TM) technology

NetPlay Software releases Instant Demo v7.5, a Windows screen recorder that creates interactive movies for presentations, demonstrations and training. Version 7.5 introduces TrakMouse(TM) a new technology that automatically tailors a full screen recording for presentation in a smaller screen format.

A video of your software in action is an excellent way to demonstrate its features. It provides a hands-on approach without requiring the presence of an instructor or presenter. However, showing a full screen presentation can prove problematic when viewed either in a web browser, or on a lower resolution device such as a PDA or mobile. This requires shrinking the presentation to fit to size, losing valuable detail and client impact in the process.

This is where Instant Demo TrakMouse(TM) technology comes to the rescue. Simply set the target resolution for the presentation and Instant Demo does the rest. It will automatically zoom the presentation so that menus and text will appear at full size and clarity, and then pan the zoomed region to follow the mouse and the action.

Along the way you can add callout text, voice narration and even a background soundtrack with automatic volume control.

Instant Demo exports the customized screen recording to many leading industry video formats. The presentation can also be published as an interactive Adobe Flash file. You can add hyperlinks and interactive 'hotspots', allowing the viewer to control the pace of your presentation. The screen recordings are designed to play immediately over an Internet connection on any device with a web browser and Flash player installed.

29th September 2008

Zoom and Pan with Mike and Mary using Instant Demo v7.0

NetPlay Software releases Instant Demo v7.0, a Windows screen recorder that creates interactive movies for presentations, demonstrations and training. Version 7.0 introduces a zoom and pan function that provides full visual clarity when replaying on a smaller screen. Instant Demo v7.0 also introduces high quality video in the AVI format, Text to Speech technology, background sound with automatic volume control, and five new customizable playback control styles.

Instant Demo v7.0 introduces a new zoom and pan feature that enlarges important details of the screen recording. This provides full visual quality when viewing at a screen size less than the original recording. Zooming is done during editing by dragging a rectangle around the region to be enlarged. When editing, the zoom region is displayed throughout, and can be easily repositioned or resized with the mouse. The zoom region can automatically follow the mouse activity, creating a zoom and pan presentation in a few easy steps.

Instant Demo v7.0 provides high quality video export to the AVI format. Instant Demo supports all major AVI encoding technologies including MPEG-4 and H.264/AVC. The AVI format allows publishing to Blu-ray, HDTV, DVD, CD, YouTube, Windows Media Player and mobile devices. All sound and special effects, including zoom and pan, are exported.

Callout text in a video presentation is an intuitive and effective way to communicate with the audience. Instant Demo v7.0 enhances this approach by providing a narrated sound track using the Microsoft Text to Speech technology. The narration can read the callout text entered, or an optional alternate message can be spoken. The standard Windows voices such as Microsoft Mike or Mary can be used, or any third party Text to Speech engine that is Windows enabled.

Instant Demo v7.0 introduces background sound with automatic volume mixing. A musical score can be included in the presentation, with Instant Demo automatically lowering the music volume when speech is detected in the main soundtrack. This provides a professional sound stage with a single click of the mouse.

Instant Demo v7.0 includes five new Windows Vista style playback controls. The color of the controls can be fully customized to suit the author’s requirements. The playback controls’ information button can provide authorship details and link to a web address. The new control styles add a state-of-the-art appearance to the presentations.

Whether you're a promoter who needs to create a self-running demo that prospects can view with their favorite web browser, a tech support person who needs to reduce support costs by providing self-study tutorials, or a software trainer who needs to create compelling Flash movies that explain how to use an application, Instant Demo v7.0 has the tools that you need.

10th September 2007

NetPlay Software Announces Instant Demo Version 6.5 for Windows Vista

NetPlay Software releases Instant Demo Screen Recorder Version 6.5, an easy-to-use Windows screen recording application that creates Flash movies for presentations, demonstrations and training. Version 6.5 is “Certified For” Windows Vista and introduces a suite of new features including support for Flash movies of several hours, automatic callout text navigation, direct Internet publishing, and new menus with over 30 keyboard shortcuts.

NetPlay Software is working with Microsoft to provide next generation screen recording and presentation software. By carrying the Certified for Windows Vista logo Instant Demo has undergone Microsoft compatibility tests for ease of use, better performance, and enhanced security on PCs running the Windows Vista operating system. NetPlay Software is making screen recording and Flash streaming video more reliable and easier to use by taking advantage of the new technologies available in Windows Vista.

Instant Demo uses a proprietary video compression technique to create Flash software presentations that stream over the Internet without playback delays. Version 6.5 extends this capability to record and create streaming presentations of several hours in length. For example, this gives the ability to record and present full day screen based seminars, or to record screen activity in financial stock market software on a daily basis.

Callout text in a video presentation is an intuitive and effective way to communicate with the audience. Instant Demo enhances this approach by automatically providing a back and next button within the callout. By using these buttons, the viewer can easily speed up the presentation or quickly return to a previous topic, giving them full control over the pace of the presentation. Linking between callouts is automatically handled by Instant Demo; no advanced editing knowledge is required.

Instant Demo v6.5 contains many improvements to the user interface, including over 30 additional keyboard shortcuts for improved productivity. Quickly find edited frames, locate mouse click activity, and change editing styles without leaving the keyboard. It is also possible to publish directly to your web site from within Instant Demo with only two clicks of the mouse. These enhancements, along with the exacting requirements of Microsoft’s certification program, are all part of the NetPlay Software mission to provide high quality software to our customers.

“Microsoft is pleased that NetPlay Software has earned the Certified for Windows Vista software logo for their Instant Demo application,” said Brad Goldberg, General Manager for Windows Vista Product Management at Microsoft Corp. “By certifying their applications, NetPlay Software is letting their customers know that their product has met explicit standards of reliability and quality, and has been tested and proven to deliver a superior experience with a PC running Windows Vista.”

All product and company names herein may be trademarks of their registered owners.

25th May 2007

Create Flash presentations effortlessly with Instant Demo Screen Recorder v6.0

NetPlay Software releases Instant Demo Screen Recorder Version 6.0, an easy-to-use Windows screen recording application that creates Flash movies for demonstrations, presentations and training. Instant Demo uses a proprietary video compression technique to create Flash software presentations that stream over the Internet without playback delays.

Instant Demo v6.0 introduces a suite of new features. Vista-style playback controls are now included along with a new playback progress bar. International text is now fully supported allowing Flash presentations in any language. Multiple video screen support is now available. Record all screens simultaneously for a single large screen view or just select an individual screen. Improved sound recording options and a new audio analyzer help the first time user to quickly set up simultaneous video and sound capture. AVI video can now be imported directly into Instant Demo, allowing talk captions and viewer interaction to be added to the video source.

An innovative approach to editing captured video has been introduced. Changes made to a single video frame can be applied to subsequent frames with or without transparency. Thus a single edit can be used to change the company logo, hide sensitive information, or apply a watermark to the entire presentation.

Instant Demo v6.0 also introduces optional hidden mouse capture. Many applications hide the mouse when displaying custom cursor graphics. Instant Demo can now capture mouse activity under these conditions, showing mouse clicks in the Flash presentation without extensive editing.

Instant Demo guides the first time user smoothly through the demo creation process. With the simple and intuitive user interface a complete movie can be ready for publishing in less than five minutes. With two clicks of the mouse button the screen recording presentation can be exported to the Adobe Flash format.

Instant Demo takes full advantage of the interactive capabilities of Flash. A full set of playback controls with play, stop and seek functionality can be included. Interactive mouse hot-spots can be applied allowing the audience to have full control over the presentation. The hot-spots can also link to a different part of the movie, another web page or even load another Flash file. Instant Demo also provides a wide range of special effects to grab the viewer's attention. Call-outs, highlights and cross fades add a professional touch to the final Flash presentation.

16th November 2005

Create Flash software presentations on the Internet with streaming MP3 sound

NetPlay Software releases Instant Demo Version 5.0, an easy-to-use Windows screen recording application that creates Flash movies for demonstrations, presentations and training.  The Flash movies created by Instant Demo play immediately in the viewers web browser regardless of file size, there is no download delay.  Instant Demo v5.0 introduces MP3 sound compression making it possible to create software presentations with a narrated soundtrack that can be instantly streamed over a broadband or dialup Internet connection.  The Flash movies can be played on any operating system that supports Flash 4.0 or newer.

Instant Demo v5.0 introduces new sound functionality for editing and export of your presentations.  Video editing and cutting without loss of sound synchronization, innovative noise removal techniques providing studio quality sound, and MP3 encoding of the Flash soundtrack, all add to a quality production.  NetPlay Software has licensed MP3 encoding technology from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson and an MP3 encoding license is included with each Instant Demo license purchased.

Instant Demo v5.0 takes full advantage of the latest hardware technology, with the ability to record and create screen presentations of desktop resolutions up to 3200 x 3072 pixels.  The new 64 bit file format allows for continuous recording over several weeks, months or even years.  Instant Demo v5.0 captures all desktop activity, including output from software DVD players and layered window effects such as animated help assistants.

Instant Demo v5.0 introduces additional support for E-Learning via the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM).  Presentations created by Instant Demo can be exported as a SCORM 1.2 compliant resource package for use with other E-Learning management systems.

Instant Demo v5.0 also introduces the Instant Demo Flash player, which enables full screen Flash presentations with a 'clean' interface for your movie without the presence of buttons and control bars.  The Instant Demo Flash player can be automatically switched between full screen and window modes, and can exit automatically when the movie finishes.

28th October 2004

Record your Screen Quickly and Easily as Flash Movies

NetPlay Software releases Instant Demo v. 4.0, an easy-to-use Windows screen recording application that creates Flash movies for demonstrations, presentations and training.  Instant Demo records screen activity up to 20 times a second, creating a true-to-life animation of your Windows desktop.  Instant Demo automatically captures mouse movement and appearance, resulting in a screen recording that looks natural and requires no further editing. The Flash movies can be played on any operating system that supports Flash 4.0 or newer.

Instant Demo allows you to record all or part of your desktop.  Version 4.0 introduces a new 'Pan' recording mode that automatically moves the selected recording region to track your mouse activity.  This results in a movie that pans around your desktop, allowing you to record applications at true size and yet still present them in a smaller window suitable for web site presentation.

Instant Demo v. 4.0 also introduces the ability to combine several screen recording sessions into one movie.  Using Netplay's unique Flash compression engine, the resulting movies can be up to 50 minutes in length. 

Instant Demo provides full sound support.  You can capture live sound as you record your desktop, or add sound during editing.  Keyboard and mouse click sounds are automatically applied.

22nd November 2003

Create Demos and Flash Presentations Effortlessly

NetPlay Software has released Instant Demo v. 2.0, an easy-to-use Windows application for making demos, presentations, and training tools for software applications. As you run your application, Instant Demo records the screen activity and mouse movements in real time. It's easy to add text, sound, images, and hotspots to your demo. The resulting Flash presentations can be played on any operating system that supports Flash 4.0 or newer.

Instant Demo uses innovative technology to produce animated Flash movies that require only 0.1MB of disk space per minute of animation. With its emphasis on creating compact presentations, customer support demos can be easily attached to emails. Its compact size and ability to stream the playback of movie content make it ideal for creating dynamic web presentations.

Instant Demo provides a host of special effects that will attract immediate interest to your movie. Examples include a zoom effect at the beginning of your presentation, animated highlights, and a fade-in effect for your annotated text. Add mouse hotspots and customized playback controls, and your demo becomes fully interactive.

You can record live sound as you capture your desktop activity. You can also record or insert sound files when editing your demo. There are even mouse and keyboard sound effects that you can include. A variety of annotated text headers and talk balloons add additional punch to your presentations.

It's easy to pause and resume a recording session. The undo and redo features even work from one editing session to the next. You can immediately preview your movie edits, with no annoying pre-rendering required. The program even constructs HTML web page templates for your demo.

New features in version 2.0 include sound recording and voice annotation, Internet streaming for immediate playback of movie content, more hotspot and annotated text styles, new Flash effects, and improved movie compression.

21st June 2003

NetPlay Software releases a free trial version of Instant Demo - a Windows application that creates animated Flash tutorials quickly and easily

Instant Demo is a Windows desktop recording application that provides a new quick and easy way to create demos and tutorials of your software in the popular Flash format. Instant Demo is ideal for software demonstrations, customer support and training.

Instant Demo uses a simple design philosophy, providing an intuitive approach to the creation process. A single click of a button is all that is required to start recording. Instant demo automatically captures any visual changes on your desktop, including mouse appearance and movement. This smart capture technology simplifies demo creation by removing the need to later edit your mouse activity.

Editing features include annotated text and interactive hotspots which can be added quickly and easily using a simple control panel. Instant Demo automatically calculates the correct display time for your annotated text. Images can be imported using cut and paste, and Instant Demo can be easily integrated with your favourite imaging software - there is no need to learn another graphics program.

The demonstrations are created in the Flash format and are small in size, requiring only 100KB per minute of animation. This makes Instant Demo ideal for eLearning and web based sales and product presentations. Instant Demo can also create your tutorial as a single executable that is only 6KB larger than your movie, allowing easy attachment to emails for customer support.

A picture says a thousand words - an instant demo says a million!

Instant Demo is available on Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP and Vista. The demonstrations are platform independent.

Instant Demo is available from NetPlay Software.
Order securely online at or contact us for more information.

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